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Ericson Wilkinson

Full stack developer with mobile experience

Hi, I'm Ericson Wilkinson. Besides staying on top of the latest web development technologies, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, sport climbing, volleyball, tennis, and too many outdoor activities to list.

Random quote "Any excuse to be in a costume is a good one"

Ericson Wilkinson's Background

Ericson Wilkinson's Experience

Sr. Web Developer at Ansible Mobile

June 2011 - October 2012 | San Francisco, Ca

Mobile focused web development in the mobile advertising space.

Sr. Web Developr at

November 2012 - Present | San Francisco, CA

General web development and internal tools and processes. is an ecommerce search aggregator. Backend work is in the LAMP stack and touches the following additional technologies: memcache, apc, svn, git, and the elation php framework. Front end work includes mobile web development, extensive javascript including jquery and the elation js framework, html & css. As a fullstack programmer you end up touching everything in the technology stack at some point :)

Ericson Wilkinson's Interests & Activities

rabbits, arduino

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